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Taking care of your scar means taking care of yourself.

Taking care of my scar

It is important to remember that a wound does not become a scar until the skin has completely healed. Until that point it is essential to look after your scar. A clean, warm, moist environment should be maintained and movement should be restricted in order not to place tension on the wound or surgery scar. Four important factors, which are shown below, should be respected to achieve the best scar outcome. Additionally, consultation should be sought from your healthcare professional should you have any concerns.

Sun Exposure

Scars, in particular new scars, should not be exposed to UV light and extreme temperatures (intense sunshine, sunbeds, saunas and extreme cold).


Scars can be particularly sensitive to chemical ingredients to those contained in detergents, perfumes, herbal or botanical extracts.


Tight clothing should also be avoided, to prevent irritation and further injuring the scar tissue.


Exercises or activities that cause tension on your scar should be avoided so your scar may heal without further disruption.