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Taking        care
of your      scar

The only
with a once

For scars both old and new

  • Prevents abnormal and excessive scar formation
  • Softens and flattens raised scars
  • Relieves itching and discomfort of scars
  • Reduces redness and discoloration
For old  and      new  scars

See for


Linear hypertrophic scar after surgery. This scar was treated with Strataderm for 60 days. Age of scar before treatment: 14 months

Expert opinion

 Strataderm can be used to treat old scars, new scars, raised scars. It is for patients who are trying to flatten them and make them look better. 

Dr. Michael Gold, Nashville, TN, USA

They trust us

“I like Strataderm because I apply it once, right after my morning shower, and then forget about it the rest of the day.”

Maria from Spain

“Strataderm helped to heal my wound from a venomous spider bite.When the wound closed, I added Strataderm to my daily routine. I never could have imagined my skin healing so quickly and well after this traumatic event.”

Meghan Linsey
Singer, USA

“After my severy bike accident I was worried how the scar on my arm will look like. Because of Strataderm you barely see a scar.”

Riccardo from Italy

“Strataderm worked wonderfully for me. It immediately reduced the itching of my scar left by my knee surgery.”

Anya from UK

“I love that Strataderm dries quickly and that you can use it on older red scars as well.”

Lynne from Australia

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